Beaux Toes Lake Woodlands Crossing

1900 Lake Woodlands Dr.

The Woodlands, TX.

Ph# 281-292-0511


beaux Toes cochran's crossing

4747 Research Forest Dr.

The Woodlands, TX.

Ph# 281-292-0511

who says nail salons can't be affordable? 3 ways to save.


30% off early bird specials. Call for details.


Not an early bird? Call the same day you need your service, and ask for the Deal Of The Hour. We will tell you what time to come and you can save 20%. Work week is recommended.


Not flexible? Book Online! It's 24/7 and 10% off. You can choose the location, the time, the service, and nail tech. A confirmation number will be sent to you via email. Your Booking is solid.

why so salon serious?

Localize Evac System


The only nail salon in the The Woodlands to have LES (localize evac system). LES targets the fine nail dust particles and fumes at the work source not like the ventilation for the general area where extraction is inadequate. LES is perfect for expecting mothers.   Remember, LES is more.

The Copper Top Table


The surface of our manicure tables is copper. Copper is one of the most amazing elements on the planet. It has biostatic properties, in other words, bacteria and virus can't live on it.

Lets continue with Continuum


We spared no expense. Our spa chairs are from Continuum. Made in America, it is The Cadillac of spa chairs. It begins with 4 point support system which makes it easy to clean the floor under the spa chair.  A conventional nail salon will have a floor drain under each spa chair. This is covered and hidden from view. There is no access for cleaning.  It creates an environment of mildew, black mold and unwelcomed insects (roaches). Most respiratory and skin allergens will originate in this area from mold spores. Our system is a closed system (no floor drain under our spa chairs).

My restroom your restroom


All permanent fixtures are mounted on the walls for easy floor cleaning.

Menu / Price List

*other WAX services include: chin, lip, forehead, back, legs, arms, AND stomach